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The Culinary MDs’ vision is to empower people to adopt life-long healthy changes in the selection and preparation of food, to improve chronic disease and promote optimal health. Guided by cutting edge scientific knowledge in medicine, pathology, nutrition and behavior change, we implement and disseminate unique programs to transform people’s relationship with food. Specifically, we conduct interactive, fun and informative presentations and cooking classes linked to specific medical themes and conditions.

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The Culinary MDs

Jennifer Carroll, MD, MPH

Dr. Jennifer Carroll is a faculty member of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado. Dr. Carroll is the Director of the American Academy of Family Physicians National Research Network. She has over 70 publications and is the recipient of several grants, honors, and awards for her research focusing on physical activity promotion, patient-physician communication and health behavior change.

She was inspired to cook creatively and flavorfully by her mother, an avid cookbook collector and experimenter in the kitchen. Some of Dr. Carroll’s happiest childhood memories are from her extended family of Lebanese immigrants who cooked together and passed down their traditional Middle Eastern recipes to her. At age 18, Dr. Carroll formed her own catering business which helped pay for her medical school tuition.

Julietta Fiscella, MD, CPE, FCAP

Dr. Fiscella is the Chief of Pathology at Highland Hospital, Chair of Quality at University of Rochester Laboratories. In her practice she sees many illnesses related to improper health and eating habits, and is concerned with the health of our community. She is passionate about creating tasty, healthy, affordable meals and integrating cooking with pathology.

Dr. Fiscella’s inspiration for creative cooking came from her mother. Though the family was poor, Dr. Fiscella’s mother never failed to create succulent new recipes out of seemingly random leftovers. On a shoestring budget through college and medical school, Dr. Fiscella’s creativity, cooking skills, and budget-stretching recipes enabled her to enjoy a healthy diet.