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Thank you for two fantastic days of education and fun for our staff. I have received terrific feedback and everyone wants to know when you will be doing this again! You ladies have many talents. Thank you all so much!
Loved your presentation! It was a great combination of conversation and specimen photos to underscore how eating correctly directly affects healthy digestion and living.
What a wonderful job you ladies did with the presentation and engaging with the audience ... that was so fun to watch.
I really enjoyed your lecture yesterday. You are a great team and I learned a lot.
I enjoyed {your presentation} immensely. You could be the next Dr. Oz!
The dynamic between you both really kept the group interested and engaged. You had a wonderful turn out – I am looking forward to the cooking demo!
Even though I could only stay for 45 minutes...those 45 minutes were very informative and with many lessons learned.
I learned about free radicals, anti-oxidants, and the digestive system and role of our normal gut flora (healthy bacteria). Really enjoyed the presentation. Great job—thank you!!
It was inspirational to watch you both cook healthy foods!
I enjoyed the anatomy lesson part of the presentation. I learned how the digestive system works, how unhealthy foods can start disease, and how many diseases can start in the gut.
Great chemistry. You all kept it fun and interesting! Loved the tips...
Very, very informative and interesting. I can’t wait to implement some changes and see the results—and share this with my family!