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Get Rid of Heartburn!

So you survived the holidays — the get-togethers with family and friends, the holiday luncheons, parties after work, platters of delicious baked products in every break room. You’ve battled with the endless opportunities to indulge, taste, sample, and enjoy every impromptu snack and treat. It’s easy to let things go around the holidays when you […]

Perfect Portions For Thanksgiving Dinner

Ah! The turkey dinner we’ve waited all year for. Shopped for, labored over, and set out for family and friends. It’s finally time to sit down and enjoy it. So how do we save ourselves the guilt of over-eating? Here are simple tips that will help you enjoy your dinner and not blow your diet. Your stomach […]

Get Your Fiber!

A deliciously simple menu to help you get 50 grams of gut healthy fiber each day. Sample Daily Menu Breakfast 10 g ½ cup oatmeal ½ banana 2 Tbsp raisins, chopped figs, or prunes 1 Tbsp protein powder cinnamon to taste Snack 4.4 g ½ cup nonfat yogurt 1 apple Lunch 18 g Curried quinoa […]

Don’t Kill Your Gut Bacteria!

OUR GUTS ARE HOME FOR TRILLIONS BACTERIA, called our microbiome. Research is beginning to unravel their numbers. Can you believe that bacteria outnumber our body cells by 10 to 1? We have about 400 bacterial species that have been identified so far in the feces of a single person. Bacteria are present in our mouth […]

The Science Behind Food Cravings

As we all know from eating (or thinking about eating!) our favorite food, eating is truly a sensational experience. Eating is affected by your mood, anticipation, appearance, aroma and of course, taste. In fact, eating and the desire to eat are actually two different things, though it is often hard to tell the difference! Did […]